Lennard Thompson
Drums, Sound

Lennard Thompson

Born Jan. 1, 1960 in Denver Colo. of African, Cherokee and French decent. A Drummer, Percussionist, Vocalist and Sound Engineer, Lennard first picked up a pair of drum sticks at the age of 9, living with his Grandmother in Oklahoma City, and his first paid performance was in San Francisco at the age of 13. Since then he has performed in shows ranging from house parties and small clubs to Festivals and large venues as well as road tours throughout the United States and countries overseas. Lennard was fortunate to perform with artists such as…. The Drifters, The Coasters, The Marvalettes, Al Wilson and Freddie Hughes just to name a few, he has also performed with members of Tower of Power, Santana, Malo and many others throughout his career.

Lennard came to be a part of P4B by accident, he and a bass player were called 30 minutes before downbeat to do an emergency fill in on a show at the Pittsburg Marina a few years ago. “Lenny” threw down the groove for the band (whom he had never seen before) and has been in the pocket ever since Currently living in Stockton, CA and performing with Project 4 Band, and as often as possible with other artists and groups such as Myron Edwins, PHD’s, the Brute Squad, Jeff Edwins, Flaco and the Fleas, among others, while sharing the gift of live music and all the blessings it brings. Lennard is also the owner and head engineer of “Thompson Sound & Comm”-(Live Sound Reinforcement) working throughout the Bay Area.

“Keep it Live Baby”

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